We are pleased to congratulate our $500 annual scholarship winner Jasmine King of University of Texas, San Antonio. Each year Resort Property Management host an essay writing scholarship competition and ask college students from across the U.S. and Canada to choose one of two topics provided and craft a detailed essay addressing the chosen topic. This year, contestants choose between writing about five popular travel experiences guests can experience while visiting our area, or to write a detailed marketing proposal that a travel company might use to entice vacationers to visit our destination. Although we had loads of fantastic entries, we had to choose just one. We invite you to read their submission below. We would like to thank all those who applied. Be sure to enter next year’s competition which will launch on August 25th, 2015.

2014 Winning Essay – What is Park City Utah?

“What is Park City Utah?” most might ask. Everyone dreams of having a vacation spot suitable for both family and adult relations. Well, Park City Utah is the perfect place for you and your family. Park City is a sparsely populated city in Summit County, Utah. During its economic decline during the 80’s and 90’s, the city found a way to rebound through an expansion of its tourism business. This is such a perfect vacation spot by its beautiful scenery being complimented through its adaptable weather. With its cold winters perfect for its mountain resorts and its cool, breezy summers perfect for outdoor, summer vacations, you cannot go wrong with Park City. It can accommodate entertainment for all age groups being named the top 10 family resorts in North America every year. But, for such an exemplary location, how can they get more tourists attracted? In this essay, effective marketing strategies will be discussed for the various attractions, entertainment and sight-seeing venues local to Park City Utah.

Need a vacation spot that is suitable for your family’s diverse individual pastimes? Is your son a bit adventurous, your daughter more into the artistic venue, or even have a young child to accommodate? Well no worries, Park City Utah is adaptable to all three of their hobbies. For your adventurous son, two hot attractions really stand out, the hot air ballooning and the mountain resorts. There is no better view of Park City’s landscape from a few thousand feet above. The ride is breath taking and is an experience of a lifetime. There are two main companies that offer this opportunity and they are Park City Balloon Adventures and Skywalker Balloon Company. They both provide their own special offers. If he is not interested in doing the hot air balloon, then they also have the Park City Mountain Resort. This resort is versatile to the changing climates. In the winters, it is a great skiing and snowboarding resort. In the summers, the serpentine trails are utilized for hiking and biking. It is a great family experience no matter the time of the year. For your artsy daughter, Park City has many types of galleries and museums to offer. Park City holds an annual arts festival that brings even more attraction to this vacation spot. The Park City Kimball Arts Festival is ranked in the top twenty festivals by the Smithsonian Magazine. It encompasses over 200 nation-wide artists, thirty live bands on three stages and dishes from the city’s stupendous restaurants. You really cannot go wrong with this festival.

Do not worry, they did not forget about the entertainment for the adult circle. After a hard day of outdoor adventure with the children, mom needs some down-time and pampering of her own. Park City features an abundance of renowned, luxury day spas that specialize in revitalizing massages and especial treatments. It is a great way for her to unwind and relax family-free. While mom is getting pampered, dad can choose to go relax as well, either fishing in the cool mountain waters or golfing on the engaging golf courses. The Provo and Weber Rivers local to Park City are filled with a variety of big fish that are caught using the method of fly fishing. If this does not catch dad’s interest then the multi-course golf club might. The Park City Golf Club is an alluring sight to see and an even better sight to play on. These are all just a few of the appeals Park City has to offer not including the world-class restaurants and other attractions.

Now that these lovely attractions have been established, an effective marketing plan needs to be devised to captivate the tourists who are not aware of Park City. First, the general public needs to be aware of the affordable vacation rentals and accommodations, but also not be left unaware of the luxurious ones for the alternatives. The best way to start this plan would to start with something that is free and not time consuming. Since this generation is run by technology and social networks, a Facebook page would be great as a start off point. Though it is a great way to interact with guests, it is not the best way to get a high turnout. Research states that seventy-four percent of consumers use Google search. Google is suggested to be the leading access point for various forms of marketing from site pages and ads to email messages, so the utilization of Google Ads would be next on this marketing plan. The major eye catching attractions should be put on these ads. This is a way to get your name out there, but tourists need a central location to get more information. The next step would be to create a personal property website and make sure all of the information is updated in a timely manner. A significant, memorable URL is definitely recommended. By the time these stages have been completed, Park City Utah should have a reasonable crowd of tourists, but vacation spots are not looking for just reasonable, they want extraordinary. So, the final step to this plan would be to get set up on a national paid listing site and a broadcast channel. Listing sites can be expensive and broadcast channels can be hard to get on, but they are well worth it. Marketing is a very significant part to Park City Utah’s survival. They have all the ingredients for a perfect vacation spot; it is just the matter of luring tourists in.