Park City is a ski destination that attracts people with a wide variety of skill levels.

Of course, expert skiers love to head to this gorgeous town as it is known for its perfect powder and incredible slopes. However, even those who are intermediate or beginner skiers will travel to Park City because of its renowned resorts and the opportunities that are available to learn more about the sport.

The key to finding the right mountain resort in Park City is to choose the resort with the right mountain terrain!

There are three resorts in Park City, and each feature different terrain levels for skiers to experience.

Park City Resort: Mountain Statistics

park city resort mountain village base

With a 10,000-foot summit, a 6,800-foot base and a 3,200-foot vertical drop, it’s no doubt that the mountain is magnificent at the Park City Resort.

As the largest ski resort in the country and the most well-known resort in Park City, it comes as no surprise that there are a variety of terrain options available at Park City Resort. Novice, intermediate and expert skiers will all be able to find a terrain that gives them a thrill and provides them with a chance to hone their skills.

Skiers of all skill levels delight at the options available, as there are runs for those at every stage of the sport. Beginners will find that there are a few runs available for them, though the terrain is mostly geared toward runs for intermediate and advanced skiers.

  • 9 percent of the runs are beginner courses.
  • 51 percent of the runs are classified as intermediate.
  • 30 percent of the runs are advanced.
  • 10 percent are expert level runs.

The resort boasts:

  • 334 runs, with the longest one spanning the course of three miles.
  • 6 different terrain parks.
  • 64 acres of night skiing.

Recently, Park City Resort formed a partnership with The Canyons in order to create the largest ski-area in the country. Now, the mega-resort boasts more than 7,300 acres designated specifically for skiing.

Deer Valley Resort: Mountain Statistics

deer valley resort

Deer Valley Resort is yet another incredible option for those who want to book a ski vacation in Park City!

This resort is not as large as Park City, but it’s terrain differences provide new opportunities for skiers. Travel parties who are visiting Park City with skiers of all skill levels will love the various runs at this resort, because there is something for everyone. This can be an ideal choice for group trips, but it also works well for couples or families who are at different levels within the sport.

At Deer Valley, you will find a 9,750-foot summit, a 6,750-foot base and a 3,000-foot vertical drop. There are not quite as many runs at Deer Valley as there are at Park City, but the variety of runs makes it desirable to many different types of skiers. There are just as many beginner runs as there are advanced runs, so no one has to feel left out or bored on their vacation.

  • 27 percent of the runs are considered beginner level.
  • 41 percent of the runs are for intermediate skiers.
  • 27 percent are advanced runs.
  • 5 percent are expert level runs available for elite skiers.

The resort offers:

  • 101 runs, with the longest run being about three miles long.
  • 2,026 acres of ski-terrain, allowing travelers to discover that the balance of run levels is perfect for their vacation needs.

Deer Valley is considered a family-friendly resort, which is another reason to consider this luxurious location. There are many dining options available on-site, and of course visitors are located in close proximity to all that Park City has to offer.

Each trip to Deer Valley can be unique and exhilarating, and many people return year after year for more adventures on the slopes.

The Canyons: Mountain Statistics

powder sking at park city resort

The Canyons terrain varies greatly, allowing skiers of all skill levels to find the perfect run. In addition, travelers love the slope-side accommodations that they can book for their vacation.

In summer 2015, The Canyons merged with its ski resort neighbor Park City in order to create the largest ski resort in America. The two resorts are now operating as one entity, and are connected by a state-of-the-art gondola that can fit eight passengers inside. Using this mode of transportation, skiers can take advantage of all this resort has to offer, including:

  • 7,300 skiable acres — making it the largest resort of its kind in the country!

You can’t go wrong with any of these world-class resorts; they all offer access to some of the finest skiing opportunities in the country. In addition to scoping out the terrain on the mountain, you’ll also be able to enjoy meals at premier steakhouses, entertainment at local hot spots and attractions throughout the entire Park City region.

Whether you are hoping to schedule a last-minute ski trip before the season winds down, or you want to book a Park City trip in advance, now is the right time to book your stay at one of these fabulous resorts.