The Canyons. A Summer Vacation You Won’t Want to Miss!

Summer vacation with the family should be a great experience without too much effort, because family time is very precious. There is never enough of it. Spending your summer vacation at Canyons at Park City offers opportunities to explore new activities for everyone in your family — or you can relish some of your old favorites in a safe atmosphere.

What does your family love to do together? If you are not sure, you can look at all of the activities available at Canyons and see which ones appeal the most.

Don’t forget that Canyons is now part of Park City Mountain Resort, the largest resort in the country. You have access to activities at the entire Park City resort while you are here!

Summer at Canyons Village in Park City Utah

Only 35 minutes from Salt Lake City Airport, Canyons Village is easy to get to and central to many local activities. The setting makes you comfortable right away with the village community arrangement. Designed for family accommodations, Canyons Village has enough room for everyone to stay together.

Right within the village, you can enjoy eating at The Farm, a restaurant known for fresh farm-to-table ingredients for its menu. Canyons Village also features live musical performances in partnership with Mountain Town Music in the center of the village.

Activities at The Canyons

Staying at Canyons Village gives you access to all of your favorite summer activities, including golfingzip toursgondola ridesmountain biking and kids’ summer camp. Whether you prefer athletic activities or relaxing around the pool, you will find numerous ways to spend your time during your summer visit.

Your whole family can participate in many of our summer activities. Try pedal boating. Get your exercise while relaxing on the water with your family and seeing the sights. Practice putting together at the family putting course to get ready for your tee time. Teaching your kids how to put is a great way to spend time with them.

Kids will also love the Adventure Zone — and it will help use up their endless energy. Parents can watch and relax from the ground while kids go adventuring. And don’t forget about miniature golf for some family-together time before or after dinner.

Dining Options at Canyons Resort

Park City Prime Steak Sushi Bar Park City Restaurants

Lespri Park City Prime Steak Sushi Bar

There are so many great restaurants in Park City to try while you are here. One of our best known restaurants is the Lespri Prime Steak Sushi Bar. This lovely restaurant features the best in fine dining as well as new presentations on classic menu items using local ingredients. If you love steak or sushi, you will enjoy this restaurant!

The Canyons’ base area has several restaurants that you can try, including Red Tail Grill, Umbrella Bar and First Tracks Cafe. You can enjoy other restaurants at the Park City base area, including Legends Bar and Grill and Jupiter Java.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Park City Chamber of Commerce website to see what restaurants you can visit in town. Plan ahead to ensure that you can get reservations at all of the restaurants that you want to eat in. Hours in the summer may vary, so check the website or call ahead.

Things to Do in Park City & The Canyons

Besides all of the activities in the resort itself, you can find a lot of events and activities in Park City. Depending on when you are here, there may be local festivals, tours and wine tastings. Many of these events are free to the public, which is one way to save money on family activities.

During the summer, farmers markets are open for fresh produce and other goodies, another way to save money on restaurant meals. The Chamber of Commerce has a list of family-friendly activities that vary by time of year. Consult this list before you come to visit.

Park City also has several available food tours that you can take advantage of while visiting. Taste new foods, try some local wines and just have a great time learning about Park City cuisine. Local experts will give you ideas of which wines to pair with specific foods for your own experimentation.

If you like to fish, you will find several places to practice your sport with your family in town or at the resort. Fishing is another sport that gives you time with kids. Use this quiet time to discuss whatever is on your children’s minds and get to know them better. You can explore this sport while you are in Park City.

Park City Main Street is a historic area and you can tour it officially or browse and walk around while shopping. Park City Museum is one place to learn about the area’s history. Your family can visit it at your leisure or take a tour. Visiting Main Street will also give you plenty of shopping venues as well as expose you to art galleries featuring the best local art and artisans.

For more details about shops and galleries, you can visit the Historic Park City Utah website.

The Canyons: Planning Your Trip

With careful planning, you can take part in the sports and activities you want, with your family or by yourself. Create the experience you want while you are visiting and give yourself the down time you deserve!