Maybe your previous weekend plans fell through or you and your friends are up for a spontaneous adventure. You love the idea of hitting the ski trails for a long weekend or even a week, but is it too late to book a trip? Don’t worry – you can still make it work! Even though you’re going on an impromptu trip, a little bit of planning can go a long way to help you have a better vacation. Here are some tips on planning a fun last-minute trip to the great ski area of Park City, Utah.

Check for Availability

One of the main considerations for your quick trip is whether you’ll have a place to stay. Even though you’re not planning in advance, you will find some vacation deals that haven’t been booked for your quickly approaching dates. Property owners and managers will be ecstatic that you plan to book their property that would have just sat without earning them any income. Since your plans are last minute, you’ll want to search for available lodging instead of choosing your favorite property first. This way, you’ll find whichever places still have openings. If you fall in love with a property that’s booked, plan another ski vacation in advance!

Park City deals and early vacation planning

Thumbs up for early planning on your next ski vacations!

Complete the lodging availability search on the Resort Property Management site to easily find the accommodations that are still available in Park City. Or if you prefer assistance to make sure you can find an open spot, call 1-800-645-4762 to have someone help you with your booking. By calling, you might be able to find out about people who have cancelled their bookings, leaving an available opening just for you. You really can’t go wrong with any of our gorgeous vacation homes or condos that are available in Park City, no matter which one ends up being available. You can take advantage of amazing features that include stone fireplaces, awe-inspiring natural views, and separate bedrooms for your whole group.

Keep an Open Mind

When you’re planning a sudden trip to the slopes of Park City, the key is to be flexible. If you have ideas set in stone of how you want your vacation to go, you might not be able to make it happen. That’s because accommodations get filled, prices can go up on certain pieces of the puzzle and activities might sell out.

By remaining open to the experiences that are available to you at the last moment, you can make a rewarding trip happen. It will even help to be open to a range of dates and different lengths of time for your stay. For instance, if you plan to start your vacation on a Saturday but a beautiful house doesn’t open up until the next day, can you go on Sunday instead? Be open to possibilities and try to make what’s available work for you.

By searching for availability, you might stumble upon a property you really love and new activities that you wouldn’t normally have considered. You could have a spontaneous vacation filled with new experiences instead of having the same routine each time you go to Park City.

Consider Costs

But your vacation rental isn’t the only factor to think about. Even if there aren’t many days until your ski vacation, you’ll generally be able to save on your lift tickets if you purchase them ahead of time instead of getting them at the window that day.

Is the cost a major factor for your upcoming vacation? While you might be nervous that property managers will try to price gouge you for late bookings, many of them actually want to fill up their empty properties. Because of this, you might be able to find a deal on last-minute bookings, so check into that.

Think about travel expenses as well. If you have to take a flight or a bus to your ski destination, you might end up spending a lot more because you didn’t set up the trip in advance. So what can you do? You might need to accept that you’ll need to pay the price for being spontaneous. Or if you and your travel companions are up for the risk, try flying standby or checking for last-minute flight savings.

If you don’t live too far away from Park City, can you drive instead of taking other transportation? Maybe you and your travel partners can switch drivers every so often. You might even be able to find a last-minute deal on a rental car if you don’t want to bring your own vehicle.

Plan Your Ski Equipment

Park City Goomer Run Skiing

Skiing the Park City Groomers!

While packing is important for any trip, it’s especially important to think about the specific equipment you’ll need for the ski slopes. If you already own your own skis, clothing and accessories required for your ski trip, feel free to bring them along if it’s not too complicated with your travel plan. With a last-minute vacation approaching, this might not be the right time to buy equipment because you would end up rushing on big purchases, you might have difficulty getting what you need and you have other things to do without much time left.

You’d probably be better off renting equipment when you get to your ski destination. You might just want to check in advance to learn more about rentals and if all the equipment you need will be available. Keep in mind that you would have to pay extra to bring your ski equipment on a flight and that ski rentals give you the right equipment for the slopes you’re visiting – you can even switch equipment if the conditions change throughout the day!

Lean on Our Concierge

Our concierge can help add those little extras to your stay to make it over-the-top enjoyable. The concierge services are included with every stay at our resort accommodations, so you can feel free to ask when you need a recommendation or assistance. Our concierge is happy to help you set up your ski equipment rentals, with the option of getting delivery and fittings at your property! You could set up a special dinner in the evening or relaxing moments at the Rain spa. If you want to mix other outdoor excursions in with your ski time, set up snowy horseback riding, dog sledding, snowmobiling and more. Just ask the concierge about all the ways he can improve your last-minute vacation, from child care that will give you and your partner some precious alone time to transportation or grocery delivery that will make your life easier during your stay.

Once you arrive at your destination, remember that it’s time for vacation. Let go of the rush of planning your sudden trip, and ease into your free time. Enjoy the activities you planned, and be up for adventures by being flexible during your stay. You’ll discover that a spontaneous vacation can be just as enjoyable as a planned one, if not more so!